Samsung vs. LG cage match: Watch their best TVs fight

The moon was in the seventh house, Jupiter aligned with Mars, the groundhog saw his shadow, and somehow we found ourselves with LG and Samsung’s very best TVs in our testing lab, sitting right next to each other, just begging to battle it out. How could we resist?

LG’s relentless pursuit to perfect OLED TV technology has culminated in the EG9600, a gorgeous, curved 4K UHD OLED TV wielding perfect black levels, brilliant color, and intense brightness as its weapons. Meanwhile, Samsung, which shelved OLED to redefine what was possible with LCD TV technology, has produced the Js9500 SUHD TV, brandishing quantum dots for billions more colors, and a full array local dimming (FALD) LED backlight system that promises class-leading black levels, contrast, and color.

With so many acronyms, how could this not be an epic battle for the ages?


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