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DNA Cold Press Juicer Eco Tritan

The very popular DNA Cold Press Juicer now features a 83mm Wide Feeding-Chute for whole fruits and vegetables. Reap all of the benefits of a Single Auger Masticating Juicer at an affordable price!


DNA Compact Cold Press Juicer

Cold pressed, fresh fruit or veggie juice is one of the wonders of the modern world. The DNA juicer produces pure, clean juice by squeezing produce through a dual-stage juicing process. First through the vertical augur, and then through the pulp filter, to extract the most juice possible.


KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

The ‘tried-and-tested-everyone-should-have-one’ mixer, you’ll have spotted it on food sets, on food shoots and in happy kitchens all over the world. Let it walk into your kitchen, and before long it’ll crawl into your heart.


KitchenAid Stand Mixer Maximum Extraction Slow Juicer and Sauce Attachment

This attachment is a slow masticating juicer which first slices then processes soft, hard or leafy fruits and vegetables for nutrient rich extraction. With 3 pulp screens the options are endless for low pulp or high pulp juices, sauces and jams.


Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive Ice Cream Maker

New design, new high efficiency cooling system,powerful direct drive system. All the ice cream you want with the new compressor ice cream maker by Nemox!

Made In Italy

Very easy to use .

✓ Just turn on the switch and pour the ingredients in the bowl.
✓ In 20-30 minutes a superb gelato or sorbet or ice cream will emerge from your machine!
✓ Thanks to its powerful refrigeration system, more flavours can be produced in short time. Professional refrigeration system.
✓ Powerful mixing motor. Large 1,7 l. (1.8 Qts) capacity.
✓ The refrigeration system complies with environmental regulations protecting the ozone layer.


NutriBullet High Speed Blender 8 Piece Blue

Unlike everday juicers and blenders, the NutriBullet completely breaks down ingredients in to their most nutritious, most absorptive state!


NutriBullet Pro 900W High Speed Blender Champagne

Simply load your favorite foods into the cup, attach it to the blender, and turn it on. The 900 watt motor will take care of the rest.