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Myshopper Pty (Ltd) (previously trading as Gujjushopper) is a South African online shopping service with the mission to simplify you shopping experience by saving you time and money but more importantly giving you expert advice on your purchase. Ensuring you get the best deal.

Do you know want you want….

  • Why spend time looking around for the best deal?
  • Why spend hours looking for parking in shopping malls?
  • Why wait in endless queues to pay?

Let Myshopper do you shopping. We guarantee the best price and if we cant beat your price we will tell you who has the best deal so when you purchase it, you know you getting the best deal!

We specialize in Appliances, TV’s, Electronics but we don’t stop there, we can source anything you want! Local and Global. Just let us know and we’ll do the shopping

We believe that the relationship with our customers is more important than making money.